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Fashioning Felt: Cooper Hewitt Museum

You can’t miss this exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York. I picked a rainy day, and spent the whole morning checking it out. I never thought you could so many wonderful things with felt and that it was such a ancient craft.  Feltmaking dates back to the first century AD, in Northern Mongolia and spread rapidly among the Turkic-Mongolian tribes. Mostly nomads, they would use felt to build their tents, make clothes,  preserve food  & decorate.

Designers have found many other ways to use and blend felt. From furniture to clothes, this exhibit has an amazing selection of traditional and contemporary pieces that will certainly blow you away…


A First Look, Sandra Backlund Fall 09

Swedish knit queen Sandra Backlund’s fall ’09 collection—in collaboration with Italian knitwear company Maglificio Miles—these 3D shapes leave me speechless, how the hell she does it!! Sandra knows how to keep it cool…


From Mexico with Love, “Huitzilli”

“Huitzilli”, in Nahuatl means hummingbird. It is also the name of Emily Cantrell’s lovely store in Brooklyn.

Emily works with artisans from the Yucantan Peninsula, from towns such as Izamal, Bekal, KImbila and Merida which I have been lucky to visit.

You will find elegant guayaberas for the big & little guys,  dresses “guayabera style” for the gals, sombreros, intricate silver jewelry, and many beautiful decorative pieces ( like an hamaca that I want to  get!).

 In  Huitzilli  all is unique, you will be supporting talented artisans and meet Emily who is also great entrepreneur.

Ray Ban loves Wool!

Here a cool video from Ray Ban’s Never Hide campaign, a huge ball of wool bouncing thru San Fran’s streets.
Thanks Jeremy!

PeruModa 2009

Peru Moda, Peru’s biggest fashion tradeshow helped us meet talented artisans like this Puno knitter that was presenting her products to buyers that came from all over the world.

Four days, visiting suppliers, attending fashion shows organized by PromPeru, and enjoying Lima’s sunny weather, time went certainly fast. We feel there’s a lot of potential, nice displays specially the Chokotos exhibit, were Peruvian fashion designers where give the opportunity to express themselves in a hat. 

A lovely Andean bride design, and the sweet knitters from Puno & Cajamarca, made this trip to be remembered…


Bringing back chic to the Easter Parade!

This Easter Parade was the first one for many milliners, including myself, mere New Yorker…

The Milliners Guild mission this year was to bring back the chic to this legendary event. 

By the 1880s, the Easter parade had become a vast spectacle of fashion and religious observance, famous in New York and around the country. It was an after-church cultural event for the well-to-do—decked out in new and fashionable clothing, they would stroll from their own church to others to see the impressive flowers (and to be seen..). 

 Here some great pictures of the group. Come join us next year for more “strutting” wearing a HAT!


Children of Peru, new call for May 09 Cuzco Mission

Next May, the third mission to Cuzco sponsored by the Children of Peru Foundation will take place. A group of doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses from Medical Missions For Children (MMFC) will spend a week in Cuzco and will provide free surgeries to roughly 80 poor children with cleft lips & palates as well as other facial deformities.

This will be a life changing event for these children and their families.

The total cost of the mission is $30,000.00 (thirty thousands dollars). The organization currently has a bit more than $10,000.00 (ten thousands dollars).

We need to raise $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dollars) in the next few weeks.

For those of you who supported us with donations in past years and wanted to continue doing it, this is the time to make your 2009 donation. If you already made your 2009 donation, consider reaching out to a few friends and/or family to let them know about your support to our projects and get them to become supporters as well. If you cannot afford to make a donation, please help us by spreading the word in your community.

I also know that the children in Cuzco need the surgery that we can provide them. I know that their lives will be changed forever. You can help to make it happen with your donation.

You can Donate now with your credit card on the website at or you can also send a check made payable to “Children of Peru Foundation” and mail it at the following address:

340 East 64th Street, Suite 2G, New York, NY 10065

Thank you for your continuos support!

Hortensia invited to attend Peru Moda

PERUMODA is the main event of the Peruvian fashion industry, considered as one of the most important events in Latin America, shows the best of the Peruvian apparel, footwear, accessories and jewelry.

We are very excited to have been invited to attend, it will be a great opportunity  for us to meet other Peruvian designers.

Another highlight of this event is the Young Creators to the World contest, organized by PROMPERU during the days of PERUMODA. Every year, the committee chooses a theme and the participants let creativity flow and make their design proposals according to the World fashion trends, not forgetting to add their personal mark.

Discovering Versailles & finding a new friend

Not all was work in France, oh no…I finally went to Versailles and…most important met my uncle Franzu. My uncle has been living in France for the last 40 years and we had never met. A close friend to my mom, he left Lima when he was 18 and went to Paris. We always heard about our uncle in Paris, it sounded so far  and mysterious. I really wanted to meet him!. Francois , my brother, did before me and told me he was a really cool guy. He also said he looked very much like him ( my uncle is better looking).

So after a couple of emails, phone calls, we finally met at Cheville Velizy, the town where he lives near Versailles. We prepared a backpack for our picnic and off we went. The castle was closed, but it’s imposing figure was waiting for us. We went to the gardens, amazingly big and beautiful. Not many people were there ( meaning tourists) which was great.

The day passed so quickly, we chatted a lot. Had to go back to Paris as I was leaving to London the next day. We said goodbye, see you real soon!, and to stay in touch. My uncle Franzu is a really cool guy, I am looking forward to more days in Versailles taking walks with him.


Hortensia’s Vini, Vidi & Vinci…

Quoting Cesar, Hortensia’s trip to Paris  was successful. Still a lot of work to do, but overall the collection had a great impact on buyers. Now back in NYC,  getting down to make all happen. By the way… it’s soooo good to be back home…

Here’s a lovely picture of our booth at Le Showroom, we made some small changes along the way, being perfectionists as we are…

High ceilings, wooden floors & natural light, this was our set up for the next five days. Thanks to our wonderful neighbours, Judith Haas,  Dunlin & Nathalie Breda we had fun, made good friends and kept the good spirit going.

 I am also very happy to announce that Hortensia Handmade will be available in Japan and the UK this coming Autumn/Winter 2009… we will keep the suspense a bit longer, at least when it starts getting cold!

Again, thanks for all your support, cheers and good wishes, we are after more success to keep us growing…


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